How to Contact MI Service Centerfor Xiaomi Users
How to Contact MI Service Centerfor Xiaomi Users

How to Contact MI Service Centerfor Xiaomi Users: SudutKebun


MI Service Center is certainly one of the places that you can visit when the product you use or you use is experiencing damage. This one service center is indeed specifically for Xiaomi gadget products, gadget products that are priced cheaply but quality so many like it.

When compared to other gadgets, you may also think that Xiaomi is one of the gadgets that can compete with other brands.  Both in terms of price and quality. Even recently, Xiaomi also facilitated its consumers when the gadgets owned were damaged.

Xiaomi presents Xiaomi  Service Centers in various regions throughout Indonesia so that you can make improvements.  MI Service Center is a call for the service, of course, this one facility is quite eye-catching and facilitates its users.

Especially now that there are many new gadget brands that have sprung up as if they are heavy competitors in the entry level class. Tidak wondered if xiaomi seemed to give a new breakthrough by presenting repair services in various regions.  So that consumers do not need to visit the central service center.

About Gadgets with Xiaomi Brand

Xiaomi Inc. It is indeed a private electronics company from China or China headquartered in Beijing and even the company has been established since 2010. This one technology company can indeed be said to be developing quickly and has even circulated in various countries.

The product is also very loved because many pluses in it even between the price value and specifications offered are quite balanced.  Xiaomi’s smartphones are always offered at the highest price.  When compared to other brand smartphones even though they have the same specifications, xiaomi prices are more attractive.

Moreover, as explained above, there is also a MI Service Center that serves its users in various regions of Indonesia. Even with almost the same specifications, other  brands or brands sell at a higher price. Xiaomi itself did popularize the hungry marketing way where its products are sold at flash sale prices.

Xiaomi will make its fans curious because at an affordable price you can get sophisticated specifications and the goods are also always sold in limited quantities. In addition, Xiaomi also has strong community support, maybe you are no stranger to mi fan club.

Mi fans club is a community that is one of Xiaomi’s marketing strategies where Xiaomi spoils the community more than doing marketing in various media. For example, users can root without making a scorched warranty and there are still many events involving mi fans club.

Flash Repair Service from Xiaomi

Whatisno less interesting than Xiaomi is its new service through the MI Service Center.  The new service is a mobile phone repair that can be completed in just 1 hour. The repair service can also be enjoyed by all Xiaomi gadget users through the eksklusif service center.

So that Xiaomi users can enjoy repairs quickly and even the exclusive service center has been spread in several locations, including Bekasi Bogor, Tangerang, Depok and Roxy Mas. If you want to try the service then you can come directly to Xiaomi selected for the event.

Later you are asked to register on the site, the 1-hour fix starts when  the consumer fills out the registration form in the system until  the smarthphone is completed. Of course, you can get gadget work on the time or hours of operation of Xiaomi authorised center which is open from 09.00 to 18.00.

If you want to get  this 1-hour MI Service Center repair service facility then, you must also follow the applicable conditions where you must have an official warranty. Make sure the smartphone is still within the time period on the warranty and spare parts must be available.

How do I contact a customer service center?

In addition to the 1-hour repair facility, Xiaomi also has a call center service.  It is the obligation of all vendors to provide the best after-sales service for their consumers. Xiaomi looks more serious about marketing its products in the form of gadgets in Indonesia, tidak wonder if there are several call center services provided.

The call center service is used so that users can ask directly about problems or obstacles that occur on their smartphones. Not only other mobile phone numbers, there is even  online customer service where users can have a two-way chat with Xiaomi customer service.

With the MI Service Center or online customer service, then you also don’t need to worry because you just contact him to get guidance to overcome the problem of Xiaomi gadgets. For minor problems that occur on your Xiaomi smartphone, then all can be resolved with the service.

Later, if the guide does not succeed in making your smartphone free from problems, you will be asked to visit the service center service in accordance with the city you live in. There you will get repair services directly as long as  the gadget is in the warranty period.

You can contact the call center service via phone or hotline service, then there are livechat services, emails and some social media accounts. For some social media accounts, you can do a direct message and later there are admins who respond to complaints or problems on your smartphone.

Account Name and Hotline Number MI Service Center

For criticism, advice or complaints regarding smartphone problems, you can contact the livechat service through Xiaomi’s official website , You can also send an email on the, make sure you describe the complaint in detail if through an email address.

Don’t leave the subject of the email blank so give a quick note of theproblem on your smartphone. As for the body of  the email, kamu can explain in detail your problem. We recommend using a list to make it easier to understand. Then you can also contact customer service on social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For social media, you can contact Xiaomi’s official fanspage, namely @XiaomiIndonesia. Previously make sure the social media page is indeed the official page of Xiaomi itself to prevent unwanted things from happening. MI Service Center will only respond to you in office hours.

If you want to have a two-way conversation then in addition to chat services, you can call the hotline number, which is 0800 1 40 1558. The service can also only be contacted in working hours, namely at 09.00 to 18.000 WIB where you can also request the location of the Xiaomi HP warranty call center.

You can also get information about customer service details regarding xiaomi’s official website.  Then look for the hotline service option or customer service at the bottom right. On the page you can connect directly and choose the customer service you want to contact.

There is even customer service via whatsapp at 0821 1723 6765. Where for  this whatsapp  service you can contact it from 09.00 to 21.00 WIB. So there is no need to worry anymore if you want to contact the MI Service Center then there are many options.

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