How to send a grab Help Center message : Kinemaster
How to send a grab Help Center message : Kinemaster

How to send a grab Help Center message : Kinemaster

Don’t be afraid to ask questions,  grab a call center.

The Grab Call Center is the ultimate help and information center, always helping  clients get their  complaints   answered.   This feature  makes it very easy to get   help without having to visit the  nearest branch office.  We are  free to make calls that do not require  a  meeting with the CS.

You  can  access the  Grab Help  Center feature in the  application.   It cannot be  used before installation on  a smartphone or gadget.    Innovations that are not new, but who  continue to  experience the  latest innovation processes, continue to develop.   The sophisticated system makes it easy for partners to find  valuable information.

The Grab Call Center Help Center can be accessed directly from the  application.  The  benefits that  customers can get, that is, they have a  collection of important articles that will help answer  their  questions,  so that   they can easily get the news.  I already have a   form  where I can submit a complaint and then answer it more accurately  .

Gra b’s help center is   very    accessible and practical because all you have to  do is explore the application.   Another advantage is the time factor,  which allows customers to  call customer service  at any time.  Obviously it would be more frugal, right?

How to  Call Gra’s Help Center B

There are some of the easiest and most  unpaid ways  to get answers  to complaints you  submit before calling the manager  directly.   Here are the  main steps  that you need to follow.   Here are the steps for partners to  ask questions through the  Help Center:

  1. Go to Profile

You can now  contact the Grab call center  and  you  don’t have to  come directly to the  outlet.   The way  to  access Help is  to open the application and then select the account page.   From there we will look at the help menu  and  click on it.   Wait for the  apk to lead to the next view.   Select Help Center.

  1. Question Options

At  the Grab Call Center you  can ask questions and get  answers.  On this  page you will have many options such as payment methods, recharge your balance, change your account with  partner-specific instructions.   However, if you have not  seen the  information,  you can choose “Contact us”.

  1. Select a question topic

Grab’s help page offers   a variety of topics to   ask questions.   Make sure our theme matches the  information you need.  The  questions  that  partners look for most often have been clearly presented.   This is the fastest and  easiest way to  do this without having to contact  CS and then wait for ntrian.

  1. Call Customer Service

Clicking on the Contact  Us menu  will redirect  you to another  page  and will call the  Gra b call center  administrator.   The currency is paid and  the amount depends on the type of profider used.  The  payment is valid  for one minute, but  if you want to be free,  please use the  contact us option  on the previous page.

How to send a grab Help Center message

In addition to  the Grab Help  Center  , this can be  done  by calling  customer service over the phone, and you can also  send a written complaint.   Before nya we can access the  official email  of  such a company from  the  address of the    However,  as of  December 2018, the  service has been disabled.

This means that  you can submit  a complaint in  writing directly from  the  Grab Help Center  application.   It is placed in the member profile page menu  and  you can  raise an issue there.   The process for     successfully filing a complaint is  to follow these steps:

  1. Check your email

The Grab call center is not   accessible before your  email  address is  verified.    The goal is for the application to  access the account, so that  the  system can  recognize it and  then easily  send a question along with   the complaint.    After that, your personal  information will also  need to be   taken over as it is safe and protected from fraud modes  .

  1. Diligently update the application.

Applications   often crash  when trying to access Gra B’s Help Center, and  this can be caused by a number of factors such as the network and the system.  To make it  run normally  again, you don’t need to  uninstall the  apk, you just need  to  update it to the latest version.   This update is useful for  customers to  get it done.

  1. Reply via Email

The Grab team  has changed the  way   complaints are  sent via email  , they have changed to  an easier  system.   You can fill out   the  form  at  the bottom of the list of  daily  articles.   Write down what your complaint  faced and  wait for the manager to reply.   The message will be sent back to your email address.

Catch consumer-only, 24-hour customer service

The Grab Call Center is for all partners who  already have  an account in the  application.  You need to  register your phone number and create a password.   That way, you will very easily get the  experience of getting an  online  shipping service without having to  visit an Ozek  location.

Not only is the ojek service available,  but  you  can also  order food, drinks,  pay bills or  buy goods easily.    But with so many drivers, we find that  sometimes there are people who serve randomly.    Of course, the customer is angry and wants to report it.

To file a complaint,  you  can use the Help Center  feature to have people you  don’t know  take action directly from  your company.   Internal parties will help  you  overcome the  grievances you face.   The reporting process  can be submitted  to the   special contact menu  for Grab Indonesia  to assist you.

You can  contact the   Grab call center 24 hours  a day, so you can  easily  file a complaint  at any time.    Especially for  the Jabodetabek region, this  issue can be submitted to the 80648777  number 021  .  Meanwhile,   if we  live outside  the  area, we  can   call directly via 80648799 contact 021.

If you  file a  complaint directly from ponel, you will be  charged a  fee and  the price will depend on each  communication provider used.  Use polite language  when talking to  customer service.  Please describe in  detail  the  chronology  of the  incident  so that we can provide a solution later.

24-hour Grab customer service for partners only

In addition to  customers,  partners such as  drivers and sellers can also file  complaints with the  Grab call center.   They are the  members who need  the most   information to  make running  a business easier.  To  get help, you need to take a few steps, such as  calling the  helper center number.

Partners  or customers of modern  ride-hailing  applications need information to  help answer their questions.   You don’t have to  come directly to  the GDC  center, but you’ll only be replaced by an instant call.   Here is a list of 5 important numbers  for  business owners,  food/drink shops and drivers  .

In the application, partners have access to special Grab call center numbers.  If you  need information in a  fast and urgent time, you can press the number 1.   However,  unless there is an emergency,  do not call this  number.

An unexpected situation occurs and  the  partner needs to  change the account information on  the BISA dial number 2.  However,  to access it, you must first register with  GrabBike and apply for the creation of an e-wallet.   Code 3 is  valid  for  customers of  The GrabFood service, including how to obtain intent.

Call number 4 for partners who  use the  services of Monter and motorists.   A special  question is asked to help customers  access  GrabBike or GrabCar in a short time.   Finally,  select Call 5  to  get information about deliveries from  various locations.

As a consumer, the solution to filing a  complaint can be easily done through the  application.   People who are still ashamed to ask  questions  can maximize their quick  questions from  their question list.   Next, we’ll help you get the  best answers and suggestions from the Grab call center.

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