Mandyry Bank View as  a public company : DIMENSIKU
Mandyry Bank View as  a public company : DIMENSIKU

Mandyry Bank View as  a public company : DIMENSIKU

How to contact the Manderi Communications Center  for customer complaints

The presence of the  Manderi  Communication Center is actually one of the best places for customers who want to complain or have problems when dealing with the bank also makes it easier for members to access complaint services verbally and in writing.

In being a bank customer, you cannot distinguish from the types of problems that occur such as lost credit cards, forgotten pin numbers, missing bus notebooks, and want to block at-us so that they can’t perform transaction activities. Of course, a series of these problems have happened to you, right?

To overcome these problems, you don’t really need to be worried or worried because having  a Mandieri Communication Center  can be the best source. Having a communication center according to the provisions of the Financial Services Authority or The Ojka is offered the mechanism of submitting complaints at Mandieri Bank  is very easy.

There is a call center number that can be contacted at any time. For those you want to file a complaint, be sure if you do it properly. Don’t forget to tell you the details of the problem where you’ve encountered it. Make sure you provide important documents that you need to have a bus book.

There is a complaint service available in the banking branch. Although the style is very easy, some people don’t know what the right mechanism is like in connecting to  mandarin contact centres.  Some customers do not give up on their intention to do two because of lack of informationabout the action.

Mandyry Bank View as  a public company

Before you know the Call Center service, you should also know a comment about this bank. PT Manderi Bank is itself a bank with significant assets in Indonesia . However , it has been found that it has been registered as a public company on the Indonesian stock exchange by having a BMW capital code .

Founded on October 2, 1998, the company was originally part of a bank reconstruction program run by the Indonesian government. At the time, there was an economic crisis in which state-owned banks, namely the State Commercial Bank, native Diyaa, Indonesian imports and Indonesian development, were merged. which is named Manderi Bank

On his trip, Mandairi will continue  to develop a variety of bank products that can be chosen by expected customers according to their special needs. Products offered by the Mander iConnection Center  can include savings products for loan products.

Despite the fact that Mandy’s  work  is not critical, this is not unnecessary because the company has actually developed significantly  in providing services to the small and medium-term business sector for retail businesses that are participating significantly. You also don’t have to doubt the performance.

There are a variety of services offered to customers by the company.  In addition to the types of savings and loan products that can be suitable for customers’ needs, Manderi also  offers 24-hour communication center services that can be the best place to complain. In creating the company, it will become one of Indonesia’s leading companies.

Your Self  Service  Contact  Center for Complaints

At this point, whenshould he still be looking for  connection center services, right?   Ifyou want to file a complaint or complaint, you can call 14,000. But this number only starts in the areas of Surabaya, Palembang, Jakarta, Medan, Bogor, Yugiakarta, Denpaser, Jakarta, Banjarmasin, Samarang and Makassar.

For customers outside the city, they don’t have to worry. Because you can contact the Mandarin Call Center for (021) 5299-7777. Customs charged to customers are very cheap. You can contact your phone or mobile phone directly. At the same time, if you call 14,000,   your access  rate will be taken.

For those who are mobile users,  you will be paid a flat price in a minute. For more details, see the review below.

  1. Telecomes RP’s Helo card is charged with 1200
  2. ێ ێ ێ ۆÇamcel Simbat Arbi 1.800
  3. Index Airbase 1,700
  4. Xl Rp1.7000
  5. Jakarta فلێکسی لۆکاسڵ

At the same time, for customers entering number (021) 5299 7777, the telco  customs will be applied  if you want to make a cash transaction through a mandarin connection, you must have a Pin   Manderite connection.

A PIN connection can be obtained by registering the first one at the nearest Manderi ATM  bank  in your city. Customers can sign in directly to the ATM card with the PIN. If so, it can continue to select the e-bank registration list and follow future instructions.

through e- mail and social networks.

Customers can also file  e-mail complaints and social networks for those you want to contact by e-mail, in addition to calling through the Contact Center  service. Customers can send a message directly to  Mandiercare@bank In order to file an e-mail complaint, the customer can clarify the problem or complaint.

Remember to provide documents that are required during the process, such as bus notebooks, loan/credit cards, transaction proofing, complaint information that includes the date of the transaction, name and others. For more details, you can first ask the customer service section.

Another way customers can use to file a complaint is to access the official website at Mander Bank, i.e. then you can select our contact list directly. In the menu, you will need to enter some data. Make sure you never deny these data.

There are still other ways to contact the Customer Service Department or the Mandarin Contact Centre, including through their social networks, including Twitter@Manderi monitoring or sending a message via phone monitoring to 0811-8414-000, so it’s good to be calm and wait for an answer.

What is the process of customer complaints?

Now you know how to contact  the Mandarin Communication Center service, the complaint process for these customers is:

  1. Customers can submit complaints immediately through connection center facilities provided. If so , the bank will immediately prove the suitability of customer data
  2. Then the customer immediately receives the number of complaints and the officer receives complaints from the customers and records them
  3. Mandairi officers  will immediately investigate and resolve customer complaints based on the type of complaint filed in it.
  4. If the customer agrees to a solution or solution , the complaint will immediately be fully counted
  5. Meanwhile, if no agreement is reached, the customer can immediately submit a dispute resolution request to the bank’s intermediary executive, which  has been facilitated by the Bank of Indonesia.

Various problems are experienced several times by bank customers, including Manderi members. To overcome this problem, you can contact the  Mandarin Communication Center  service department  directly  , which immediately dominates and provides you with the best solution.

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