Understand  your phone’s MMI error  code : PolresGowa
Understand  your phone’s MMI error  code : PolresGowa

Understand  your phone’s MMI error  code : PolresGowa

Connection problems or  invalid MMI codes

When you try to call the operator numberwith a smartphone and then a pop-up window appears that writes connection  problem or  invalid MMI code, of course it is quite confusing. Especially if at that moment you really need special information  from  your respective operators. All of course  there may be  an error in the code entered due to  a special cause.

Of course, as a user, you really have to understandhowan MMI code  can be considered inappropriate.   So it can  really  be calmer and make no mistake because  later this problem can be solved independently, then try to  contact the operator according to their respective needs.    Although really you have to pay attention to the first few steps.

The existence   of certain steps cannot be applied at the same time  when trying  to reduce connection problems or  invalid  MMI codes.  So it needs to  wait a few seconds to see if then the operator can be contacted. There is no need to worry immediately that your smartphone is breaking as this is related to the operator’s network.

So when that happens, be clear and wait  patiently.    If it is not resolved when you try  again, you  can  start trying to apply some  steps  that can actually be taken as a solution to the error in the MMI code  . You do not need to go to the place of service, this situation can still be fixed on its own.

Understand  your phone’s MMI error  code

Man Machine Interface stands   for MMI as code. This code is a special service created so that you can access various features on your phone. Special codes consist of  several combinations of symbols and numbers. Of course, it was created to make it easier for you when you need to use   special  features  for each operator.

The  use  of this special code is when you need to get information  about quotas or internet credits, as well as IMEI and other needs.   However, there are still many possibilities of  connection problems or  invalid MMI codes that are also quite annoying as  it hinders the process when you need to  check  certain  information  on the network according to your personal needs.

Many different things will cause errors in  this combination of symbols  , for example because the network settings  are   incorrect and there may still be   many  unnecessary  files  stored in  the phone’s memory.   Code errors  occur  due to if a temporary error appears on the phone, as well as due to  the lack of support for the operator’s signal is decreasing.

So really the  connection problem or the  invalid MMI code  on the  phone is not  something serious that even requires special handling.   Users  can actually apply alternative steps  based on these probable causes to fix the error more  easily later.

Practical tips to minimize errors in special codes

Many  of the original solutions are actually  quite easy to use as solutions if there is a  connection problem or  an invalid MMI code.   It is possible that the  cause is an  error in your signal network so the  solution is to restart  the  phone, then wait a few seconds before trying to contact the operator. This step will later help fix  if there is an error on the phone.

The next alternative  may be easier for you to try to  enable  the package mode on  your  smartphone, after waiting for some time to  restore  the signal to normal. This is  a very useful solution  to get  your signal corrected again and quickly  properly recorded by the phone.

When you find connection problems or  invalid MMI codes, it may be because less  important deposits  are actually stored in memory. The habit  of  still leaving  less important  documents on your memory will inevitably eventually   hinder its performance.   So, it is important that you try to  get used to  checking the file manager section and start  diligently deleting  unimportant documents in memory.

Clearing your phone’s cache and various unnecessary files will give you more storage for other purposes. In the settings section, of course, you can easily find the storage section that can actually becleaned. Doing it regularly is also helpful to keep smartphone performance and memory optimal.

Give specific signs for operator number combinations

If indeed the  previous quick trick still cannot  definitively change the connection problem  or  the MMI code  is invalid  and there is still a problem, then try   applying  other steps.    Inserting a  special sign  into the operator code  when  you call the  operator can  be an  alternative so that the error  can be  resolved.

You can insert a +  sign  at the beginning of the entered code.   For example, the code you need is to call *123# then try writing * + 123 #  . The + sign will indicate how to keep zero longer.   This method can sometimes  be successful in troubleshooting invalid code errors on your phone.

Another distinctive   sign that can also be used is a comma. But unlike the previous character, you have to insert this comma character at the  end of the code. For example, write *123,#. The way to get  the comma on the dial is  to  hold the * button  longer.

The insertion of this character is actually a step that is rarely known or performed. If you did everything else, but it did not work, of course, inserting characters will be very useful. But pay attention and double check if there are connection problems or invalid MMI codes ,  you use them properly.

The appearance of errors in reading the specific code of a given  command  can also be found. Therefore, important steps can be taken as a solution that can be applied by giving it a special character.   Try applying it, for example, there  are  connection problems or  invalid MMI codes  that are still there.

Advanced solution on how to change the signal

Oneenis network in smartphones  with high signal strength  that is widely used today is 4G LTE. However, this signal service also often causes errors such as connection problems or  invalid MMI codes.   The problem exists because of the lack of support for this  signal when the  need for contact is also a  regular short message. Of course, the priority  of the network  is because the main focus is on the internet.

So, to fix this problem, you can try temporarily changing  the  3G signal from using 4G. Of course, only  in  meeting the needs  of short messages over the phone so that the network is more optimal. This will minimize  the appearance of problems or errors  in  special  codes when contacting the operator.

To change it, you can go to the settings of your phone, and then make the mobile network option . In that  option , the option to  set the network to be used on your phone will appear. Still just to change it from 4G to 2G / 3G, then save the settings and try to make the call to the switchboard as original.

That way, your phone network will be stronger and there will be no problem rereading  the MMI symbol number combination  . Indeed, there are now many developments made for today’s smartphones . So   in  this  obstacle more than in the old version of  the  smartphone so it needs to be adjusted first.

Such network problems can  actually occur in many types of operators and mobile phones. For that, you are not immediately confused  because everything can still  be properly solved. There are still  a  lot of solutions that can be applied so that you do not have   connection problems or  invalid MMI codes, but really  the latest smartphone output  will have minimal  errors.


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