West Java experts give vaccines : Capcus
West Java experts give vaccines : Capcus

West Java experts give vaccines : Capcus

West Java Education Office implements online learning 


During an epidemic like today , the West Java Education Office will also take a number of actions  to keep the learning process  going . Even in each region , it also implements a new vehicle learning process to get students to the curriculum for graduation and progress .


Some schools, especially vocational schools, implement a face-to-face learning process, but it also applies in some places, especially Because skills in this vocational school are an important part of the student’s possession.


Meanwhile, the process of applying is also being implemented  directly, and there is no need to do so directly, and West Java education is not able to continue.  It  offers considerable assistance to students, such as providing free tools and providing  free data allocations to teachers    and students.


However, introducing this new learning complains to many parents because they cannot teach their children unknown lessons, especially students who cannot visit this new learning system, and the government is trying to learn directly by applying many important factors.


Online learning during Covid Pandemic


In fact,since 2020, the Corvis-19 epidemic has certainly had an impact on many sectors, and it has also impacted the field of education Students and students who are still in school may feel the impact of home schooling or online learning, which is being run in every school.


 Like the West Java Office of Education , the online school program for all students in West Java is also implemented.  Learning was originally done face-to-face, but the infection of coronavirus changed as it became more prevalent.


Nevertheless, educators must be able to achieve goals to accomplish graduation rates, but this new method has received a lot of negative feedback.


Many of them complained of difficulties, and the West Java Education Office and  other areas danced They  were unable  to participate in online learning activities; few people wanted to stop this online learning and go face-to-face.


Meanwhile, the government also provides free quotas for students and teachers, so it is currently taking place during the epidemic. In West  Java itself, it also provides Internet quota support for the smooth learning process.


Audit of taking offline courses confirmed


Now that the new normal has been implemented during the Covic-19 epidemic,  the government and the West Java Education Office also have a  face-to-face technique  A new program that uses  learning has  also been implemented, but the implementation of this learning process is still set for some regulations.   So we can reduce the risk of Corvedex diseases.


The location of the school is in the green zone, but it has not yet been directly forced to learn face-to-face, because some of the factors to be checked first If the school meets the standards, the program can be implemented, and it is compulsory in the Green Zone for standards such as schools.


Priority is also given for face-to-face activities  for students referred to as  unsupported or empty  spaces  by the internet network for face-to-face activities Therefore, not all places of learning will be able to implement this learning system in the midst of the Covic-19 epidemic—even if it is put in a green area.


Meanwhile , the skate level at the West Java Education Office , or the vocational high school itself, will apply lessons that are only applying to this face-to-face system, because if you want to get a certificate for your skills, you need to practice directly.


Even teachers cannot directly participate in this learning process; there are a number of factors to take into account; for example, the participants are teachers  under  the age of 45  and there are no other diseases that   will interfere  with the learning process during this epidemic.


West Java experts give vaccines


The Didier or West Java Education Office  has proposed that educators  throughout West Java be vaccinated; in fact, the vaccine  is still being progressively implemented, especially for staff who will undertake face-to-face learning activities.


Not only will it be prioritized  for that preparation , but  also for teachers who are elderly ; the levels of vaccination given by the government will also be given according to plan ; vaccination is very important for the educated after the use of medical personnel .


Of course,  it is used to ensure that the learning process is done properly without the  damage of Corvist. It is proposed according to the number of their own staff in West Java, and it is true that sunlight is  given to teachers who are doing direct learning first.


Based  on the West Java Education Office, not  all of them are involved in offline learning directly; only a few hundred apply rules. Of course, there are still many schools that have not yet implemented this learning because they are in places with high rates of corvism.


To do your best, you must  also give priority to everything that will summarize I k for the acceptance of the vaccine. It is very important to apply for maximum availability when separating, but you still need to obey health protocols, even though you have been given this injection.


A direct learning process in West Java


Teaching and learning activities were  held directly by the  West Java Education Office itself and  prepared for what the program  was like.  As for this, it has also been stepped  up by  focusing first  on the local  deployment zone and efforts and readiness to take  precautions.


Although face-to-face learning is done on this face, it also adheres to the principle of providing the safety of students or teachers, which is an important and key factor that each party must consider; every school that will use the system must be prepared for many things.


Supervisors at Didik may later see the readiness of the school, accompanied by the village leader and the local district leader: Yes, if there are many flaws, it must be completed first, but if the school has met all the necessities, it can be sent directly to the department.


A combined learning method will be applied to implement the learning itself, where students will later study directly to school or where they will learn the school directly on shifts So under the rules, one class will be divided into two or three, and the  West Java Education Office has  carefully prepared things that can reduce the spread of corvis.

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